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For new email

A new email account needs to get “warmed up” to assure increased deliverability and establish trust as a valid email account, not a spam account. Reputation needs to be built over time, and it is done by pacing the email sending rate, ramping up daily volume over time and making sure emails are read and replied to, and that’s what an email warm-up solution does. The more positive email engagements your email gets, the more trust your email gains from email providers.

For old email

Old email accounts need credit as well, especially after sending cold mails for a while, they start getting spam report from recipients and need to recover bad sender reputation. This is especially urgent when you have a low engagement (open rate, answer rate, etc.) on emails you send and high proportion of emails sent that are flagged as spam by recipients. You cannot stop those actions from recipients but you can reduce the rate of spam report vs engagement to the most minimal as possible. You’ll need to send emails repeatedly each day and make sure that people you contact respond to you. That’s because getting a high reply-rate is one of the key factors to gain email reputation.

If email providers’ bots see that rate is too high, they will decide to block your accounts immediately. If you keep the rate in safe zone by getting replies continuously, you would train email providers’ bots that your accounts are sending valuable messages and they deserve to live.

For mail provider's bot training

Before sending the very first cold mail, you will need time to warm-up all the sending mails with complicated process, with content in your future campaign to make sure that mail provider’s will see your messages as human communication though it may contain some spam-triggered words such as: SALES, LOAN… and let your messages inboxed. There is always genuine conversations between relatives or friends about the mailing so-called “spam” topics such as: SALES or LOAN in real life, and ESPs’ algorithms aware of this issue and they could detect which is spam or not. All we have to do is training them that content in your future campaigns is not spam but just human being’s conversations about that topic (if any).

However, attempting to do so on your own without a proficient service provider can get challenging and messy.

We VAs at SMM, will read and respond to messages from your email accounts. This email warm-up process will increase you email deliverability and reduce your emails from ending up in Spam or being blocked forever.

Your emails get

  • removed from spam and categories (if any)
  • moved to inbox
  • opened
  • clicked links embedded in your email
  • replied with your custom set up text (we will make all replies be unique) to train ESPs’ bots about your future campaigns’content.

All this positive email engagement raises your email reputation and your deliverability. It lets the email providers see that emails coming from your email account are normal conversations from human being, desirable, highly engaging and to deliver your emails to the inbox.

Current ESP for receiving your messages: Gmail

  • Gmail remains the most popular email platform with over 1.8 billion users worldwide.
  • As of April 2022, Gmail holds 29.5% of the email client market share.
  • Gmail accounts for 27% of all email opens.
  • 75% of all Gmail users access their email on mobile devices.
  • 61% of 18-29-year-olds use Gmail.
  • An average Gmail account is worth around $3,588.85.

More ESPs will come: Yahoo, Outlook...

5+ years old receiving emails transfer credibility and trust to your accounts

This is a bit like SEO industry which is proven for decades: getting backlinks from aged and high authority domains is the best practice to push high ranking. Sometimes you just need very few links from extremely authority sites to be #1 on SEs. This happens for one reason, we only give what we possess, don’t we? Worst case is your accounts may not get any reputation from warming-up process but spam triggers because of getting too many responses from entirely new email accounts in short time.

We don’t use newly registered emails without any trust and credibility to give your accounts credibility and trust as this is really non sense. We will use 5+ years trusted old accounts to take and reply to your messages.

All the reputation from our accounts will transfer to yours in this way. If you are serious about cold mailing, then this is the unique and fastest way for your accounts to gain credibility in a very short time.

20k+ aged trusted and authority emails in pool and counting more monthly

Every month new 100 receiving mails will be replaced at your package. All are 5+ year old trusted and reputable. These new ones will add more fresh reputation to your mailboxes.

Unlimited INBOXES (Sending email accounts)

It takes an average of 2 minutes for our Virtual Assistants to complete above process for 1 receiving mail. That means with 1 pack we can add trust and authority to 700 unique messages per day, which totals up to 20,000 a month.

With 100 receiving mails dedicated only to your task, each of your 200 unique sending emails will get positive email engagement from 100 unique receiving mails within 1 month. Or you may want to raise the sending mail to 2,000 mails, so each of them will get positive email engagement from our 10 receiving emails.

Detailed reports

You will get detailed reports on daily basic so you can check from your side all activities our VA does for your project. Any update from your side (sending email list, reply message…) will be implemented within 1 day.

  • Sending mail
  • Status (Inbox, Spam, Promotion)
  • Receiving mail
  • Reply date
  • Percent of landing inbox, spam, promotion

Priced for Excellence!

For most of warming services, you will be charged $200 per 10 mailboxes, but at SMM we give you UNLIMITED MAILBOXES (sending email accounts) for only $199/month/pack + 100 unique receiving mails + real people VAs that work 24/7/365 only for your project.

In case you are in a rush to gain more credibility from as many old accounts as possible, there is an extra $99 for adding more 100 receiving email pack. If you can take your time, the new pack of unique receiving mails will be added to your list automatically every month for FREE.

This package is for renting warm-up emails only. It does not include email’s credentials itself. If you need to buy those accounts for personal usages, please check it here.

If you were to put a value on these exceptional offerings, chances are you would find it challenging to come up with a number. We did too! We would be pleased to offer:

  • 10% discount for 10 packages each time
  • 20% discount for 20 packages each time
  • 30% discount for 30+ packages each time