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Cold emailing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business. It's also one of the most successful methods in generating marketing leads. Businesses realize how crucial it is to curate functional cold emails to reach out to their prospects. But you need to send out those emails using a specific tool. Otherwise, you could end up spending days sending emails one by one.

With SocialMediaMining-SMM, we can utilize standard Gmail account as an effective mass and cold email platform. Gmail is also a great choice because it has the world's most reputable server to deliver your mass cold emails. Be prepared to see the highest inbox rate up to 97% from SocialMediaMining-SMM mass email sender.

Your brand right in sender’s first name

Repetition is the key to success in marketing. The more your brand appears in front of client's eyes, the more memorable it is to them. That's why we will change all email sender’s name with your brand (or any short text you need) in front of the first name, so whenever the receiver gets a message, they will see who sent and your brand will appear in a place they would never forget. For example, YourBrand John. No matter if they would be your client right away or not, your brand is still there in receiver’s mind.

Your brand in every email avatar

An email avatar is a small circle with an image that appears next to the sender’s name and helps recipients identify senders. It’s also called a profile picture or a profile logo.

By default, mailbox providers assign generic nondescript avatars to new users. Usually, it’s the first letter of the sender’s name. Unlike on social media, profile pics in emails don’t seem to be a must, even service emails from Google or Yahoo don’t have an avatar. That’s why emails with an avatar tend to stand out more.

Try this yourself when opening inbox, which emails would you look at first? The chances are, your gaze went to colorful avatars. Only after, it went to generic letters such as L, A…

Email avatars aren’t just visually striking; they also bring tangible value. An email logo will

  • Increase brand recall by 18%.
  • Improve open rate by 21%.
  • Boost purchase likelihood by 34%.
  • Reinforce confidence in email by 90%.

Personalize every detail in your emails - Communicate on a 1-on-1 level

Everybody likes to feel unique and appreciated. Email providers also need to confirm that all your messages are unique so that they would not block your accounts. In both cases, personalization in each and every detail of your message is the key. Sending out similar emails in bulk is a surefire way to get flagged.

However, addressing your emails to everyone on your mailing list individually is tedious and inefficient, especially if you have dozens of thousands of prospects to reach, and each of them should contain unique content inside such as user name password, promotion code.... This is totally impossible at the moment when you look at other mailing services. Luckily, you no longer have to sacrifice valuable time to give your mass communications a personal touch. SocialMediaMining-SMM can walk you through strategies such as mail-merge style personalization. You can customize anything you imagine for your campaigns, both in the title and body content, no matter how many cold emails you send daily. Let's name a few customizations you should take:

  • Personal name
  • Business name
  • Random content
  • Unique Promotion codes for each and every recipient (no matter how many prospects you got on list). This helps you control promotion campaigns entirely.
  • Unique credentials such as username, password for each and every recipient (no matter how many prospects you got on list)
  • Random images at designed place from unique folders to illustrate effectively the text around
  • Random Links
  • and many more

Customizing every single detail in your message is a feature provided exclusively by SMM only.

Effective plain text email + images with your CTAs – even with SPAM words

Plain text

According to statistics, plain text emails garner 21% higher click-to-open rates and 17% higher click-through rates than HTML email. This means that plain text emails are ultimately better at encouraging the subscriber to take the desired action. We are not fancy of html email design because:

  • They’re less trustworthy.
  • They’re more likely to go to spam.
  • They’re less accessible to those with disabilities.

Using image

Using an image allows you more creative control over the look and feel of your email without having to take formatting on different devices into account; your text, pictures, and CTAs - even with SPAM words - will all appear exactly how you wanted them to.

With that being said however images can be a powerful tool if used correctly, humans naturally process images up to 10x faster than written text. If you’re looking to get your message across instantly using images can tell a story, promote a particular offer, or establish consistency between emails.

Adding more thought and design to your email campaigns can boost your revenue. Having a consistent brand presentation has been shown to increase revenue by up to 33%!

5+ years old sending gmail

We don’t use newly registered emails without any trust and credibility to send your messages. We will use those from our 20,000 5+ years old trusted account pool to do the task. All the reputation from our accounts will transfer to your messages in this way to make them inbox up to 97%.

Warm-up and train mail provider’s bots

Before sending the very first cold mail, we will need time to warm-up all the sending mails with complicated process here, with content of your future campaigns to make sure that mail provider’s bots will see your messages as human communication though it may contain some spam-triggered words inside such as: SALES, LOAN… and let your messages inboxed. There is always conversations between relatives or friends about the “spam” topic such as: SALES or LOAN, and ESPs’ algorithms aware of this issue and they could detect which is spam or not. All we have to do is training them that content in your campaigns is not spam but just human being’s conversations about that topic (if any).

You will pay only when we start sending mails and send you daily report. You don’t have to pay for the time of warming-up (takes around 2 weeks continuously), it’s included in sending package.

All you need is providing us the complete content you are going to implement in future campaigns (text in syntax format such as {hello|hi|hey there}, images…) so we could train mail provider’s bots that your content is just human’s communication content, not sales’ stuffs.

During the time implementing your campaigns, all our sending email will still send your content to our warming-up emails list to get those messages marked as important, opened, clicked links, replied. This continuously increases deliverability of your campaigns.

Detailed reports

You will get detailed reports on daily basis so you can check from your side all activities our VAs do for your campaign. Any update from your side (receiving email list, sending message, images…) will be implemented within 1 day.

  • Sending mail
  • Receiving mail
  • Send message
  • Send date

Set it and forget it

Just surfing around the net and you will learn that there are tons of workloads that you need to face along with multiple expertise in various fields you need to have when implementing a simple cold mailing campaign. Each and every step below needs to be perfect or entire campaign will come to nowhere. Let’s name a few basic stages that need good practices to improve your deliverability:

Sender reputation

  • SpamAssassin
  • Domain Blacklists
  • IP Blacklist
  • Domain age
  • Domain name
  • Domain settings

Inbox Activity

  • Warm up your inbox before sending
  • Limit bounce rate

Content of the email

  • Spam-trigger keywords
  • Personalization of in every email you send
  • Heavy Attachment
  • Broken Links
  • Short URLs

If you don’t have time and effort for that load of knowledge, troublesome and chaos then all you need to do is send us your content in spintax format (or our writer could help to create proper syntax from your original copy) along with customized content for each message (such as user name password or unique promotion code for unique user with their name inside to make them feel more special), images folders for each campaign, place to put image that could illustrate effectively for text around it… then rest assured that every email we send is customized and unique, no matter how many, 10 or 10,000,000 messages.

Priced for Excellence!

Regardless of Gmail’s 1k limits per day, no human sends that many emails, 50 mails per day per account is acceptable number. We even make it down to 10-20 to keep all accounts healthy and as much alike human being as possible, they are spread out per rolling 24-hour period. Comparing with 1000 limits per day, the number is extremely low 1% usage and help the accounts stay under radar. In order to inbox 15,000 messages per month, we use 100 accounts working continuously 24/7.

It takes an average of 3 minutes to send a unique message with totally unique content. With 1 VA you can send roughly 500 unique messages per day, totaling up to 15,000 a month. To reach this number you just need to rent 1 pack of 100 Gmail accounts + hire VA sending at only $299/month. Want to raise up the number? Hire more VAs along with 1 more pack of 100 Gmails per PC.

All the sending email accounts are optimized for your marketing purpose only, with your brand, logo, … In case you need to use those mails for your own need while we are still implementing your cold mailing campaigns, you could get them here, along with our free SMM account manager here that will help you handle all those 100-1000 emails in 1 click.

If you were to put a value on these exceptional offerings, chances are you would find it challenging to come up with a number. We did too! We would be pleased to offer:

  • 10% discount for 10 packages each time
  • 20% discount for 20 packages each time
  • 30% discount for 30+ packages each time