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Every business needs a good graphic design team to thrive online, but keeping even just one artist on your payroll is costly. You could try your luck with freelancers, but finding them and negotiating contracts takes time. SocialMediaMining’s revolutionary image production process solves both problems, easily.

SocialMediaMining helps you save money on payroll

According to PayScale.com, the average US-based graphic designer is paid $46,116 yearly (or $3,843 a month). If you decide to work with freelancers, the average cost of a single image from top-rated providers on Fiverr.com is around $10. SMM delivers 3 images for only $0.99, or just $0.33 per image. It’s literally 0.03% of the cost, meaning you get your images for 97% cheaper than the lowest rate!

SocialMediaMining helps you save money on buying the best photos for your design

With 1,000,000+ FREE photos, you can let your imagination fly with any design. All you need to do is search for the images on our database and we’ll handle the rest. Every photo in our gallery is handpicked by the 101ideas bot to ensure their superior quality, specialized for advertising and promoting with these qualities:

  • Background
  • Contrast
  • Balance
  • Movement
  • 3-Dimensional Feeling

more details about our 101ideas bot here.

SocialMediaMining helps you save time

An in-house graphic designer would take a few hours to produce an optimized social media image for you. Freelancers will give you your images after 24 hours on average. SMM’s streamlined production process gives you 100s revisions to pick from in a few minutes. You can come up with a great idea for an image, get it made perfectly through SMM, choose the best from 10s of revisions, and then post it on the biggest social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in a few minutes!

SocialMediaMining helps you wow your social media followers with instant campaigns

We’ll help you create stunning marketing posts (inspirational quotes or your product images) for every day of the month, until your audience can’t resist buying. Big brands can maintain posting twice, or even 10 times a day thanks to a dedicated media team and in-house graphic designers. And now so can you, with the help of our team at 1/30th of the expense.

The more often people see something, the more likely they’ll end up liking it. It’s why the strongest marketing campaigns are the ones that bombard their audiences every day. But you also need to keep things fresh by adding variety to your visuals.
  • You can’t always use the exact same product photos are across social media posts, blog posts, ad banners, and more. Repetitive visuals feel like spam, and users always ignore spam in favor of something that interests them. That’s why industry giants spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create thousands of different visuals for their products. The variety keeps things interesting—which means potential customers stay interested. With SocialMediaMining, you can have post a different image every day for 1/30th the cost! But there’s even more you can do with our services.
  • Customized text is another powerful way to keep your graphics interesting. Instead of soulless social media posts that share boring, textless images, you should create graphics with words that instantly engage your audience. Want to inform them about an upcoming deal? Would you like to add a persuasive CTA that dramatically improves your conversation rates? Or do you just want to make your audience laugh with a light-hearted joke in your images? You can do it all with custom text on your graphics!
Because our process flow is so effectively streamlined, SocialMediaMining saves members thousands of dollars for buying photos and paying graphic designers, basically giving you 33 times cheaper. Plus, we do it all 10 times faster, and with 10 times more revisions. Here at SocialMediaMining.net, we create only marketing images that get results.
  • get all the likes
  • inspire people to buy
  • wow your followers
  • make your feed sparkle
  • stop the scroll
  • kick your social page into overdrive
  • blitz your competitors
  • reel in audiences
  • convert clicks into customers
This is a game-changing service that allows even start-ups to develop engaging marketing campaigns that rival even the biggest companies!
free photos

Save thousands of dollars with UNLIMITED PREMIUM photos, specialized for advertising and promoting with these qualities:

  • Background
  • Contrast
  • Balance
  • Movement
  • 3-Dimensional Feeling
of revisions per design

Save your time with dozens of revisions per design. Guaranteed to be the highest number of revisions offered in the market!

sizes per design


Optimized for

minutes to finish

No more waiting for back-and-forths with freelancers for days on end.
You can have 10s of images within 9 minutes as our hard-working staff is ready to serve 24/7/365.

per image

Save your money with images that are 97% cheaper than the lowest freelancer rates.

custom designs & color themes

We’ll create custom design styles based on your preferences and high-converting color themes backed by color psychology and market research.


Just input your content and photos (or keywords to find photos at our gallery) – we’ll do the rest!

NO editing - NO monthly payroll – NO freelancers
NO graphic skill – NO payment for photos


Get your very own customized styles at no cost!


We go the extra mile when it comes to designing for you, and apply the principles of color psychology in every design!

It’s a scientifically proven fact that different colors have different effects on your customers’ emotions. Our designs take advantage of thousands of years of teachings and decades of research made on color, and use palettes that have the maximum emotional impact on your audience!

And because purchase decisions are made emotionally rather than logically, color psychology effectively leads to more conversions!

SMM’s designs use these colors in graphic elements that attract attention, organize content, emphasize selling points, heighten emotional responses, and just plain look good. We balance the subjective nature of color psychology with data-driven market research across over 50,000,000 different market-ready color combinations. This helps our team of designers make sure that every color theme we create meshes with industry-best hues for each niche.

As a result, each theme effectively communicates exactly what your business is, what your audience FEELS about your brand, and how your products and services can make them feel EVEN BETTER.

And we tailor these designs for each business, so you can get images that are unique to your brand, and your brand only.

When you start out with SMM, you might not immediately see these tailor-made color palettes for your business. You can make use of this exclusive service by dropping us a line after making your first payment! Send us a request with the following details about your business:

  • Target market demographics
  • Brand personality
  • Main keywords
  • As many photos of your products as possible
  • Any color palettes you like

Our team of design experts will research and develop the best design styles based on your brand info!

Plus, we can even name the style after you, since it’s uniquely yours.

This PREMIUM service is available at NO EXTRA COST! Please find it here.


We update our library with dozens of new design styles every day! If you don’t find something you love in the dozens of versions we make for each design request, we can always make brand-new batches of fresh designs for your business field.

Just send us the styles that you love and the number of images you’d like to receive each month, and we’ll take care of the rest! You can request as many designs as you’d like, and choose your preferred styles whenever we send you our revisions.

You can also save yourself time by letting us know which styles are on your priority list for your designs!

This PREMIUM service is also available at NO EXTRA COST! Your customized styles will be available for just $0.33/image!




Start making ad, marketing, social media, and website graphics with SMM today!




If we still can’t satisfy you on your first order, despite all the customized color palettes, design styles unique to your business, and dozens of revisions per design—all at the price of just $0.33/image! —don’t hesitate to send us an email! We will process a full refund for your first order, no questions asked.