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Cold emailing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business. It's also one of the most successful methods in generating marketing leads. Businesses realize how crucial it is to curate functional cold emails to reach out to their prospects. But you need to send out those emails using a specific tool. Otherwise, you could end up spending days sending emails one by one.

With SocialMediaMining-SMM, you can utilize your standard Gmail account as an effective mass and cold email platform. Gmail is also a great choice because it has the world's best server to deliver your mass cold emails. Be prepared to see the highest open rates up to 70% from SocialMediaMining-SMM mass email sender with 300,000 – 3,000,000 emails monthly.

Break Gmail's Sending Limits to Expand Your Reach with Easy-to-use Tool

Without SocialMediaMining-SMM, Google's platforms allow you to send emails to only a limited number of people at a time. SocialMediaMining-SMM uses a revolutionary email distribution system to overcome that problem. We will help you reach 300,000 – 3,000,000 emails monthly easily.

Fascinating Reasons to Avoid the Spam Folder

While 84% of the hundreds of billions of emails sent daily go into spam folders, SocialMediaMining-SMM uses a state-of-the-art email distribution system to steer clear of detection by spam filters designed by Gmail. SocialMediaMining-SMM manages the individual distribution of your mass emails by infusing them with personalization, giving a much higher delivery rate than a standard cold or mass email.

SocialMediaMining-SMM also helps you detect all SPAM trap trigger words used in your content. By avoiding these words in your email content, you can dramatically increase your chances of getting beyond SPAM filters.

Personalize Your Emails the Easy Way

Everybody likes to feel appreciated. One effective way to do so is by addressing someone by their first name. Research shows that addressing someone by their first name or their own business' name is an easy way to make them feel valued, both as individuals and as a vital part of a group.

However, addressing your emails to everyone on your mailing list individually is tedious and inefficient. Luckily, you no longer have to sacrifice valuable time to give your mass communications a personal touch. SocialMediaMining-SMM can walk you through strategies such as mail-merge style personalization. You can customize anything you imagine for your campaigns, both in the title and body content, no matter how many cold emails you send daily. Let's name a few customizations:

  • Personal name
  • Business name
  • Random or Customized content
  • Promotion codes
  • Images
  • Links
  • and many more

Review and Revise Until you Get the Winning Mass Email

There are no shortcuts in curating creative and alluring emails. SocialMediaMining-SMM intuitively lets you create messages using the usual Gmail compose screen. It allows you to ensure your text, design, and personalization are perfect before the message is sent. You can also use SocialMediaMining-SMM to test sending out the email. You can review, revise, and repeat until you are delighted with every message before sending out the emails.

Daily humanized actions

Your Gmail accounts should not be working 24/7, nor should they be idle for months either. A high quality, trustable email account should be able to mimic a real person’s actions as accurate as possible. Our emails are capable of browsing and watching YouTube videos on their own, browse the web, and pretty much do anything that a real human can do. This increases the validity of your email accounts and eliminates the chances of getting blocked by Google.

Entrust your email accounts to SocialMediaMining software, and we will nurture them day by day, saving you precious time which could be used to enjoy life.

This is an exclusive self-serve tool that does not exist elsewhere, and we are offering it to you for ABSOLUTELY FREE.