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SocialMediaMining helps you save time

An in-house graphic designer would take a few hours to produce an optimized social media image for you. Freelancers will give you your images after 24 hours on average. SMM’s streamlined production process gives you 100s revisions to pick from in a few minutes. You can come up with a great idea for an image, get it made perfectly through SMM, choose the best from 10s of revisions, and then post it on the biggest social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in a few minutes!

SocialMediaMining helps you wow your social media followers with instant campaigns

We’ll help you create stunning marketing posts (inspirational quotes or your product images) for every day of the month, until your audience can’t resist buying. Big brands can maintain posting twice, or even 10 times a day thanks to a dedicated media team and in-house graphic designers. And now so can you, with the help of our team at ZERO COST.

The more often people see something, the more likely they’ll end up liking it. It’s why the strongest marketing campaigns are the ones that bombard their audiences every day. But you also need to keep things fresh by adding variety to your visuals.
  • You can’t always use the exact same product photos are across social media posts, blog posts, ad banners, and more. Repetitive visuals feel like spam, and users always ignore spam in favor of something that interests them. That’s why industry giants spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create thousands of different visuals for their products. The variety keeps things interesting—which means potential customers stay interested. With SocialMediaMining, you can have post a different image every day for FREE! But there’s even more you can do with our services.
  • Customized text is another powerful way to keep your graphics interesting. Instead of soulless social media posts that share boring, textless images, you should create graphics with words that instantly engage your audience. Want to inform them about an upcoming deal? Would you like to add a persuasive CTA that dramatically improves your conversation rates? Or do you just want to make your audience laugh with a light-hearted joke in your images? You can do it all with custom text on your graphics!
Here at SocialMediaMining.net, we create only marketing images that get results.
  • get all the likes
  • inspire people to buy
  • wow your followers
  • make your feed sparkle
  • stop the scroll
  • kick your social page into overdrive
  • blitz your competitors
  • reel in audiences
  • convert clicks into customers
This is a game-changing service that allows even start-ups to develop engaging marketing campaigns that rival even the biggest companies! Coming soon!

For Graphic Designers

A graphic designer's primary duty is to decide what is the right image, font, and color scheme for a design. Before digitalization took place, designers used to do it right from the beginning - manual drafting and applying the colors. Now they turn to the large stock images and fonts, which can even come free.

With the influx of such stock images, they have become far too generic, with a lot of images that look so bad. A designer using such a bad image can be a laughing stock. Millions of designers utilize this poor-quality, inferior stock images over and over again and are being viewed by millions of netizens all over the world.

Every designer realizes that striking the right image, font, and color scheme can describe the whole story behind the picture and reinforce your message. It's a demanding task and can take up a long time to come up with a proper and suitable design specification. But what if you have a program with an AI engine that can churn up a perfect design in just a few minutes?

Enter 101IDEAS! Our bot can detect the appropriate image, suitable font, and perfect color scheme that meets your every demand. It can create THOUSANDS of cohesive graphics designs presented in nine languages. The best part is that it's a quick task - you can have a perfect design within A FEW MINUTES. However, just like any online Assistant, it's not perfect and can never replace the pivotal function of a knowledgeable and experienced graphic designer. But it could support and save them golden time and effort in seeking ideas and experimenting with them to come up with a near-perfect end-product. 101IDEAS would present thousands of wonderful suggestions for the designers to pick up the finest one and further improvise using human creative minds.

For Small Entrepreneurs

We understand small entrepreneurs and start-ups would not have the resources to hire costly in-house graphic designers. Although there is a plethora of graphic designer online tools available, the DIY tools do not guarantee you choose the right images, fonts, or colors. You can easily make a mistake by choosing a horrendous design, not presentable for your brand.

101IDEAS is here to help you grow your brand with fantastic image design despite the absence of a professional graphic designer. With 101IDEAS, our bot can help you avoid the mistake of choosing improper or inaccurate marketing graphic designs right from the start. It will suggest superior image designs based on the proper principles of PHOTOGRAPHY, ART, AND DESIGN related to your business and brand, not from the sea of graphic design knowledge available everywhere. This way, you would have the confidence to do it yourself and not worry about getting wrong from the beginning.

How does this happen?

    All you need is fuel the engines with any of 9 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Germany, Vietnamese) with:
  • A few words on your mind about what you want and how you want the design to be
  • Messages of your product or service (CTAs, titles, descriptions) that you want viewers to read.
    The 101IDEAS bot will use:
  • your input assets above
  • its self-learning technologies that is upgraded day after day to analyze your request, your industry, your product or service, your input, your design mood, …
  • its own photo library of 1,000,000+ advertising targeted photos (counting daily)
  • its own font library of 100,000+ unique fonts (counting daily)
in a few minutes to detect the most appropriate photos and fonts
    Then it selects the most impressive color schemes from billions of billions of scheme possibilities.
    Then it uses all above materials to:
  • suggest fresh out-of-the-box image ideas for web banners, advertising, graphic designs based on the original sizes of the photo...
  • create hundreds of UNIQUE neat social posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, at the 3 most common sizes with your input messages (CTAs, titles, descriptions).

Telling Stories

Nowadays, marketing is more effective when presented in a storytelling way. Graphic design brings out a product, an emotional moment, or an artistic photo by telling a story, arousing memories, or tickling emotional responses. No matter how good it is, a product alone is not enough to convey the creative concept. You need to take into consideration how the audience will interpret the image and whether they will be intimidated by what they see.

Fortunately, 101IDEAS revolutionary bot has AI solutions to put forward multiple storytelling ideas. It's your opportunity to leverage graphic design's intrinsic power utilizing unconventional techniques to create an attention-grabbing, engaging, and inspiring advertising campaign. The 101IDEAS bot will assist and gel into a cohesive marketing campaign that harmonizes content and tone. It's a vital tool to drive higher conversion rates and maximize ROI.

Emotional Connections

You might have a fantastic, industry-leading product and might resort to just showcasing it. You'd hope the product would self-promote itself since it is so great. But today's customers are significantly exposed and have thousands of choices that they need an emotional connection with the product to lure their interest. So, your graphic design showing emotional images such as a happy life, a sweet moment, or a wonderful home would connect more with the customers and eventually entice them to buy.

The 101IDEAS AI-equipped bot can be as creative and innovative as a human graphic designer. It can promote your product by demonstrating how it can make life easier, promote environmental consciousness, or simply have fun, to make it appealing. It can help make the customers understand how they need the product to achieve their goal.

Focus on the Subject

After looking at all possible angles like keywords and relevance, you're perfecting content but find it difficult to get the suitable image perfectly connected to it. It's not uncommon and happens to many other content marketers. With the 101IDEAS bot, you will get suggestions for the perfect image. It thinks abstract out of the typical topic.

For instance, if you are writing a piece on "love," it will think outside of typical "love" symbols because the whole point of the content is finding love in general. Thus, it submits a mixture of personality, word connection such as friendship, affection, motherhood, parenting, and a playful tone. For example, the blend manages to be more subtle than a man kissing a woman. It pictures the 101IDEAS bot that knows what love is, like how humans address it.

Aims to Engage

As a designing bot, 101IDEAS bot focuses on users' needs in their interactions with your products or services. The endgame is to produce a perfect emotional design of a product or service that plays a big part in determining its success. Cognitive users have a complex thought process going on in their minds when working on ideas. 101IDEAS realizes this, and its bot has worked hard on addressing three levels of intellectual responses during the process of idea brainstorming:

  • Visceral - Users' first-hand impression when they work on the design. For instance, a simple and straightforward user interface makes it easy to use.
  • Behavioral - Users naturally evaluate how they can quickly get the design to assist in achieving their objective.
  • Reflective - Upon achieving their design objective, users can consider whether it has value for money based on its multiple benefits and overall performance. If they are satisfied, they will continue using it, get addicted, and hopefully tell their friends how good it is.

Make it Memorable

One of the most remarkable features of the 101IDEAS bot is its capability to choose unforgettable images. No doubt, it has MILLIONS OF TARGETED PHOTOS and more than 100,000 (and counting) fonts libraries, but the bot does not make random or blind choices. It automatically picks up the most acceptable image and matching fonts to create a design with a harmonious scheme to make it a haunting memory in your viewers' minds.

A memorable design results from a harmonious mixture of fascinating psychology coloring effects, provocative cropping, a few unexpected elements, and juxtapositions of images. It proposes hundreds of captivating and appealing designs that not only relate to your audience but also tell your story. On top of that, you have choices of thousands of flexible revisions until you are fully satisfied. You would soon realize that it can think out of the box.

We improvise it day after day to enforce its AI capabilities and make it think more like a human. This bot is so valuable and will be a great help for everyone, especially graphic designers. 101IDEAS bot proposes hundreds of designs based on your input, utilizing all the techniques and algorithms mentioned below. You might not see all these techniques and algorithms applied in one finished design, but you will most probably recognize them in the revisions.



The background is one of the most common distraction points in graphic design. 101IDEAS bot ensures that does not happen by choosing a perfect background for an image that has a dramatic effect. From the main object, it leads viewers' eyes towards your messages. It also makes viewers notice the main subject standing out from the well-orchestrated background effects.

Why is the Background Important?

What typically makes us more curious about the main subject is the difference in size between the main object and other objects in the background. As a result, viewers would spend more time inspecting it. If you look at a more minor subject in a positive background space, in a way, it will catch viewers' attention better. The goal is to isolate the main subject from the surrounding area.

There is a common misconception that you use a background, you must have only one main subject in an image. Actually, there's nothing wrong with using two or more main subjects, for instance, a photo of a group of people having a meal together. It does get more challenging to manage the background once the main subjects take up more space on the frame. The main objective of the psychology behind background management in graphic design is to achieve quiet images.

Does a background have to be empty?

Like people commonly think, the 101IDEAS bot projects an image with many empty spaces in the background. Examples are the sky, grass plain, desert, sea, lake, or river. While this is how the background is most often used, this is not the only way. The background in a design does not have to be a blank or white space. You can always have objects in the background area, but they should never be the main subjects.

A background image may appear in the main subject's peripheral areas and fit into the background. It will make you focus more on the subject. From afar, viewers' eyes will first pick up the background but then pull their eyes towards the main subject and message. It can be aided by other elements of composition, such as leading lines.

Finished with the main subject, their eyes wander to other areas like the background. This is where you want to lay your message clearly, but you don't need to fill up the whole background with your messages. Like people say - less is more. It will leave the viewers to make up their own version of the story behind the image. This is how 101IDEAS bot designs your image, with a clear and concise message in the background, guiding your audience to conclude along the path that you desire.


The purpose of contrast in graphic design is to compare two or more elements so that one main element distinctly stands out from the rest. You can quickly achieve it by arranging highlights, shadows or simply adding other harmonious colors. You can always play around with the color tones, for example, light against dark and warm against cool colors.

Adding two or more textures in a design creates a tactile pattern and induces a sense of space. By introducing contrasting subjects in a graphic design, you can portray storytelling, enticing viewers to imagine what the subject tries to present. Juxtaposing elements such as old and new, classic and modern, straight and curved, will further bring up emotion and excitement in the image.

101IDEAS bot suggests either a light or a dark color scheme, but usually not a plain combination of both color tones, which would have caused unpleasant distortion to the entire image. With a uniform color in that area, it is natural for the bot to put text in a contrasting color to put forward a clear message. This way, it avoids presenting an image with a noisy pattern. Otherwise, when the bot finds a clustered pattern, it will intuitively find a way to provide a clearer text by applying a drop shadow or a stroke to the text. But it will ruin the general look of your design.


Not many people realize that you can illustrate a design's visual weight by balancing the composition of elements. The 101IDEAS bot knows this, and it will not pack all elements in a single composition. Like a human designer, it balances the composition to stabilize and provide an equal spread of visual weights in your design. The last thing you want to do is make a wrong balance and create an unbalanced division, which results in disunity or unrest.

There are three ways the 101IDEAS bot will find balance in an image:

  • Symmetrical Balance produces a perfect left-right balance with both sides having the same elements.
  • Asymmetrical Balance - compared to the perfect symmetrical balance, the bot plays with shapes, colors, and textures to ensure a balanced visual height on both sides. In addition, the 101IDEAS bot uses the rule of thirds to achieve asymmetrical balance, leading to a gripping and well-composed design. Moreover, it can put two subjects, foreign to each other, to achieve asymmetrical balance although they have contrasting size, color, depth, and texture.
  • Radial balance - this is where the bot balances all elements around a central point like they are radiating from it.


Emphasis forges the center of attraction in a graphic design. Color, space, texture, and line operate and toy with each other to establish the focal point or heart of a design. Generating emphasis in a design does not confine to only one or two ways. You can utilize multiple techniques, but the 101IDEAS bot generally proposes an image with a solitary subject placed at the center to grab viewers' attention.

The bot also employs colors to nurture emphasis. For instance, to lure viewers' eyes to your image, it presents a bright-colored subject in a sea of dark scenes, giving a vibrant and lively image. The 101IDEAS bot also uses emphasis techniques to establish visual dominance of certain elements to pull viewers' attention to significant parts of the image.


The term 'movement' in photography often describes the relationship between the camera's shutter speed and a subject. However, when it comes to art and design, movement refers to the path the viewer's eye takes while reading a photograph. The 101IDEAS bot uses both movements in providing its graphic design suggestions.

The elements and principles of art and design shape movement. For that matter, the 101IDEAS bot will master the way a viewer consumes a graphic design. For instance, it establishes 'visual highways' that allure a viewer's sight for an image that displays a lot of lines. There are many ways in which graphic design can draw the viewer's attention. Movement maps out how the human eyes absorb visual information, and the 101IDEAS bot grasps this technique in presenting design options.

3-Dimensional Feeling

Most of the time, a graphic designer presents images in a two-dimensional plane. At 101IDEAS its bot manipulates the lines, lights, shadows, objects separation, and perspectives to create an illusion of depth and thickness. Adding a third dimension or thickness to a shape yields a form that causes an image to appear life-like.

In addition, human eyes usually tend to focus on sharp matters. But you can't flood the image frame with many sharp elements, including the background. However, you can use the depth element to develop an illusional three-dimension design. The 101IDEAS bot will play with depth of field and dramatically enhance your design's appearance.


Why is a UNIQUE Typeface Important?

Why should you choose UNIQUE typography instead of sticking to standard typefaces?
You can always have great content, but should you use a standard font like Arial? The image alone will not guarantee it will appeal to the readers to present great content. You need to match the beautiful image with matching and a UNIQUE typeface to create an overall fantastic and eye-catching graphic. Moreover, it will also leave a good impression on the readers.

Psychologically, people prefer going for attractive text at first sight, even before reading it. Therefore, it's crucial to capture readers' first impression as soon as they click in using a perfectly matched typeface.

You can highly enhance your graphic design by the use of a unique typeface. It also allows the readers to bring out the essence of your material. Furthermore, a well-chosen font can influence the feel and emotions of the readers and make them feel like you are directly conversing with them.

UNIQUE typography saves your message from getting lost and helps you convey your thoughts. While featuring the most significant aspect of your message, it can conceal the negatives and lift the positive vibes. It's of utmost importance to give significant consideration and not take for granted the use of a unique typeface. To elaborate on the importance of typography planning, a poor choice of typeface can have dreadful impacts. A fabulous and realistic design can fall flat with an absence of a single dab.

How many times do you skip past headings and text content as you scroll through a website? And how can you make your audience stop and read it?
UNIQUE typography can definitely capture their attention and continue to read your main heading, CTA, or title. You and your reader can create a win-win situation with a stylish yet comfortable piece of work. Readers distinguish your message as a blend of all components of your design. Therefore, your entire design will look dull if you don't create UNIQUE typography. As a result, viewers will avoid your message at first sight and move on.

Library of 100,000+ (and Counting Daily) UNIQUE Fonts for 101IDEAS Bot

Choosing a typeface may seem a little too simple for most people. Not many realize that literally a typeface can make or break a piece of design work. When designers work on typefaces, they are facing thousands of options from a set of fonts. Many get stuck in the process since they don't know where to begin and how to pick up the right font. If they don't understand the science involving it, they face two daunting tasks:

  • Firstly, font designers create hundreds of fresh, good-looking fonts in a day. It's impossible to keep track of the development, and it won't take just a few minutes to make up their minds which fonts are brand new and fit their graphic design.
  • Secondly, if they are facing a library of more than 100,000 and counting UNIQUE fonts that the 101IDEAS bot is utilizing, it can be a mystifying task to try out and decide which font is perfect. The task is even more challenging while some of them give designers nearly the same feeling of affects and interest.

These are the reasons why designers resort to using safe fonts available at free stocks. Unfortunately, millions of other designers use similar fonts, and billions of viewers observe them for several years. A few thousand public fonts have been there for years, compared to more than 100,000, and counting, UNIQUE fonts available at 101IDEAS bot's library.

When they use standard fonts, they ignore the creative and innovative aspects of graphic design. Designers might take years of practical experience with testing from trial and error to develop the right feeling for the best fonts to use. With the 101IDEAS bot, you can save years of learning time by offering extremely complicated algorithms that do not exist elsewhere.

The 101IDEAS bot accumulated a library of more than 100,000 UNIQUE fonts for graphic designers' use, and it's still counting. The revolutionary bot apprehends the performance, theme, mood, and target behind any given font. To start using 101IDEAS, all you need is to give short and accurate requests in nine available languages. The 101IDEAS self-learning bot that improves day by day will analyze your request by researching your industry and products based on your input, including the mood that you put forward. Taking just a few minutes, the bot scans through the 100,000+ fonts in the library and picks up the most suitable and relevant font. With the selected font, your design enjoys exceptional attributes, listed below:

  • More Value - the chosen font will comfortably connect to the fitting product and industry. In addition, if the selected font is comparable to the one already successfully implemented in a similar industry, viewers tend to appreciate your font design in the same excellent manner. Thus, giving your design a higher value and helping to keep it in existence for a longer time.
  • The Right Message - using the right font will lead you to provide the right message across. On the other hand, an unsuitable font can damage the purpose of your message to the customers. For instance, you can't use an overly fancy font in making a brochure for a bank - it will look silly, and viewers will think that your message is not serious enough for financial services. You must use a suitable font for a certain industry for your message to give positive impacts.
  • Professionalism - a fitting font for your graphic design will only prove a state of professionalism in your approach. If your design and font are done fittingly and excellently, it will obtain the readers' trust in your product or service. When you present a successful design that appears professional, it'd be much easier to influence your audience into buying your products or services.
  • More Appealing - every graphic designer aims to make a design to look good in everybody's eyes. Apart from submitting the appropriate content and image, it's crucial to present a fine-looking design to appeal to the crowd.
  • Interesting Information - when you already offer a great and good-looking design, the next thing you want to promote is providing some fascinating information. There are challenges in providing some interesting information, but if you get the right typography font, it would be easier to engage your audience.
  • Catchy - a bland design will most probably not make any impact to your target audience. You need a catchy element, and the right font can be eye-catching and make your audience continue reading your message.

Color Scheme

A person takes less than 90 seconds to assess your product visual, and color judgment makes up 62% to 90% of this. It's amazing that color also makes 85% of shoppers' buying decisions.

It's crucial to choose the right colors for your graphic design in ensuring your online success. The proper color can draw attention, convey meaning, generate desire, drive conversions, and secure loyal customers. It's one of the most influential tools to get the attention of your target audience. In addition, color can lure your visitors to click on your call-to-action button.

Another important aspect of color is its contrast. Color contrasts can drag the eyes to a noticeable part of the design, such as your pitch or call-to-action button. Laying a different color scheme for the main design can cause the eyes to shift the focus to the element. Therefore, it's essential for you to choose the proper color for your design to engage more viewers.

By now, you'd probably understand why you need to choose a unique color scheme to make a recognizable design. However, it's not that simple to do so. Even a seasoned designer could not really master the art of color coordination, which involves millions of possibilities. Most fresh and DIY graphic designers resort to using their favorite colors out of confusion. Most of the time the color will not gel with the product, service or the entire business. The perfect methods to choose a color scheme for your brand involve exercising color psychology. Choosing colors at random is a big mistake, and you need to do extensive research and planning to come up with the perfect color scheme to make your design stand out.

You need a deep knowledge in color theory before you can mix and coordinate multiple colors. You can have so much fun learning about color coordination such as the tints, shades, saturation, warm, and cold colors, but it takes years to master. Most entrepreneurs will not spare their crucial time to invest in mastering color techniques when they have other important business decisions to make.

You need a human-like machine such as the 101IDEAS who can replace a professional color artist. The bot has a widespread 'know-how' not found anywhere on the internet. A professional designer costs a lot of money, but with 101IDEAS you can leave the pro job to the bot that suggests multiple techniques to decide on the color scheme for your design.

I have trained 101IDEAS bot to develop an understanding of the psychology of color and it can be extraordinarily useful in selecting the key colors for your design. The color scheme permeates throughout the whole graphic design, bringing together all its smallest details into one perfect color palette, which forms the design's ambiance and aesthetics. 101IDEAS bot will choose ideal color schemes that encompasses finding your image signature dominant color, mixing in 1-4 complementary colors, and crowning it all with a perfect background color.

Color harmony

Color harmony helps balance the visual experience since it develops a sense of order. Viewers can simply disengage when they experience a dull and uninteresting visual. Moreover, a chaotic and disorganized color combination can also bore the viewers and it's not shocking to see them disengage with the negative experience. The human brain will not only reject under-stimulating visuals, but also reject extreme, overdone designs. What we want to achieve is the right harmony between the two extremes.

Have you ever noticed that a bright pink rose stands out against a green bush? While certain color pairings come naturally, choosing the right color scheme for a design can be a little daunting. There are so many colors to choose from! Some colors look great together, and others clash dramatically!

101IDEAS bot takes the hook off your neck when it comes to mixing color schemes in harmony. There are billions of billions of billions of color combination possibilities. But the bot acts like a professional color mixer without sleeping. It analyzes your products and brand and finds the most suitable color combination for it after researching billions of billions of billions of possibilities and suggesting a perfect one in a matter of seconds. It's magical how it can provide you with such a professional task and saves you valuable time.


A pattern in art is defined in the dictionary as "a repeated form or design or color". When you create a repetition of colors, shapes, and textures, you can indeed form a pattern. Viewers can easily get drawn to patterns since it's a pleasing experience to notice them. Designers can take advantage to emphasize the aesthetic aspect of the patterns to generate phenomenal marketing solutions.

The pattern is an important element of graphic design as it can form rhythm and symmetry. Our progressive 101IDEAS bot works wonders in organizing colors and form a gratifying pattern. The patterns it created are repetitious and takes into consideration the elements of color art and design. Such a pattern attracts the human eyes which are calibrated to seek out pleasant patterns. Patterns are an active principle of art and design, and they can pull up a design from the frame.

Add Contrast

Research has shown that images that carry information can attract more viewers. Such images trigger sentimental responses from viewers and eventually stimulate them to make an action. Oftentimes, designers leverage on the power of an eye-catching image by placing text over it that usually contains storytelling information. However, the text can be tough to decipher, and when viewers need to strain their eyes, they would rather skip the whole thing.

The 101IDEAS bot realizes that your target audience won't spend a lot of time reading your message, especially when the readability is low. In addition, the entire design must introduce a simple and pleasant feel to make it more usable and cause fewer eye strains. Moreover, your target audience will likely pay more attention to a less crowded and easy-to-read text. This way, your message gets to your target audience, and it's likely that they will click on your design.

The 101IDEAS bot is a well-trained AI-smart technology that makes it function well in all departments. It uses unprecedented techniques to make the text a focal point of the image while not losing the message you want to put forward. The bot will tweak contrast elements to a higher degree between the text and the background plane in the contrasting management. But it will stick to the accessibility requirement for color contrast and only create a contrast ratio of at least 4:5:1 or 3:1 for all characters. Additionally, the bot ensures enough variety in the text and image color combination—for instance, light text on a dark background or darker text on a bright background.

Follow the Visual Flow

When you work on text and images, you cannot ignore the significance of a pronounced technique called image visual flow. It involves fitting text into logical segments of an image. 101IDEAS bot guarantees conscientious superimposing of text over the central image and not hiding its important elements. To get a smooth visual flow on a design, the bot will search or the perfect space to place the text. It leads you to achieve an effortless visual flow from the viewers’ perspective, from the image to the text.

Add Text to the Background

The 101IDEAS bot knows how to do the trick and plays around with the text placement in the background area rather then the foreground. Naturally, the background spaces are the better spots to place text since they are less congested compared to other parts of a design. Moreover, the typical single-colored background makes the text clearer and easier to read. The objective is to achieve natural-looking text placement that doesn’t alter the already magnificent appearance of the main subject.

Go Big

The element of size will grab a viewer’s attention – yes, the bigger the better! The 101IDEAS bot will spin for the biggest text possible so that the text receives enough weight and make it readable against other images. Ideally though, the text should not steal the attention from the main subject of the frame.

Text Highlight

In certain cases, the 101IDEAS bot applies a background color to the text, mimicking the traditional method of highlighting text on articles. Most people would think of a black or a white as a common choice to highlight text, but the bot will not restrict to a limited shade. For instance, it can borrow the dominant image color and apply the same color scheme to the text background, giving a higher sense of belonging and contrast to the main image.