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184 countries all over the world

100,000+ cities

128 languages for your keywords

Did you know that Google Maps has more than one billion members worldwide and is the most comprehensive professional networking site in the world? Why not, everyone needs Google Map to get around. The map is readily available on all kind of devices and is super easy to use.

So why would you need a google map extractor to get data from Google Maps? It contains millions of local and international business all over the world. Therefore, collecting data manually would give you a tedious task, and you’d waste irreplaceable valuable time.

SMM's geographic segmentation B2B database gives you a variety of options. We cover all territories around the world. You can use the B2B database to identify a new geographic location your business may wish to expand into. Moreover, you can divide the market by geographical areas such as city, county, state, region, country, or international region.

Enter our revolutionary g maps extractor! We offer 118,750 EXACT locations around the world. It’s crucial because although all scrapers use the same data from Google Map, our platform guarantees 1000s of times more results. For instance, if you search "New York restaurant", others could only scrape 100 results, but we have a database of 932 cities and counties related to New York, such as

Albany, New York, United States

Albertson, New York, United States

Albion, New York, United States

so in theory we can draw out almost 100,000 results related "New York restaurant".

SMM can extract B2B data based on the following categories:

  • 184 countries
  • 100,000 cities of all sizes
  • 128 languages for your keywords

This laser-targeted list is extremely useful for narrowing down all the potential clients of any industry by geographic location when doing marketing or sales at a specific country or city.

In addition, we offer the use of 128 languages. There is no point in using English searching at locations where people don’t use it for advertising. Local users prefer using in the local language they understand and relevant to the businesses in the vicinity. With keywords in English only, you lost them all.

Furthermore, we don’t utilize general phrases but offer pair of keywords + exact location = 1 phrase to extract up to 100 rows of data (for example: Baldwinsville, New York, United States restaurant).

For each business profile, you’ll receive details about the following metrics:

  • Website
  • Web title
  • Address
  • Email - if any public
  • Phone - if any public
  • Social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,...if any public)

Our price is $99 up to 30,000 lines of data (as the result of searching 300 phrases) - it's cheaper than the cheapest suppliers

Time of delivery: 3 business days

Refund policy: We also present a free trial with 1000 data rows. You can request up to 1000 data rows from 10 pairs of keywords + exact location. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back if you are not satisfied with free trial of 1000 data rows.