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In today’s world, data means a lot of things. Your industry needs the correct data to make the right business decisions and stay ahead of the competition. SocialMediaMining-SMM provides you with the data you need, when you need it, and at any scale you want. You can discover on this site our huge capability to take unstructured data on the World Wide Web and turn it into structured data, and this is the industry that we are experts in.

We check the quality of data automatically, utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to determine issues with data quality. We use both automated and manual process to enhance data quality and validation process. Although we invest heavily for this purpose, we pass on the benefits to our customers without charging a single cent. We painstakingly design the bot to automatically alert any change in data, quality or website structure data, so that it won't disrupt data delivery business intelligence processes.

Check out these use cases for your industry and find out how our data mining and automation can help your business.

Stock Market & Financial Data mining

  • Collect data about international financial markets, trading, stock markets, commodity and economic indicators. Improve and supplement the accessible data to inner financial models and analysts to make them work better.

Products, Prices & Review Data mining

  • Extract e-commerce sites to scrape availability, reviews, product prices, importance, brand status, etc. Monitor the distribution chain and examine consumer reviews to expand products as well as increase profits with the data.

Housing & Real Estate Data mining

  • Extract listings of Real Estate, Brokers, Houses, Agents, Apartments, Fore closures, Mortgages, as well as MLS. Keep track on the new data through setting customized email alerts.

Human Capital & Job Data mining

  • Get the finest candidates for company or preserve tabs on whom your competitors are hiring. Combine jobs from different company websites or job boards - all it could be fulfilled using web mining.

Hotel, Airline, & Travel Data mining

  • Scrape data from traveling sites to examine pricing, hotel reviews, room accessibility as well as airline ticketing prices precisely using advanced data mining services. You need to stay competitive by using data.

Sales Leads Data mining

  • Have latest sales leads applicable to business using directed mining methods. Improve data with phone numbers, emails, as well as social media outlines for marketing or sales campaigns.

Data for Journalism & Research Data mining

  • Empower the next research projects or news stories with data from web including Environmental Data, Crime Data, Local & Global trends, Third-World Development Data, etc.

Social Media Data mining

  • Collect data from different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, linkedin and Twitter. Gather historical data or have alerts from the websites. Observe reach as well as effectiveness of the campaigns.

Custom-built solutions

  • All our products are highly scalable and customizable. Therefore, any data aggregation solution you have in mind can be made-to-order by our hands-on tech team.


SocialMediaMining-SMM is one of the best web data mining companies in the world for a reason:

We create AI data analytics bot for each of our clients!

Why Custom AI bot?
Running a business requires a strong and robust mind and a concrete determination to create success. When you have a business burden on your shoulder, collecting tons of raw data won’t do much good. You'd have to make some crucial decisions on customer service standard, business production, human resource management, supply chains, business partnerships, social responsibilities, sales and marketing policies, and just about anything regarding your business from the lowest to the highest level. In fact, this is exactly the information you need to pursuit more effective business plans. And you cannot use only a single software to cater for your various business needs.

What you should have is a customized tool that can help you apprehend the information available to you only, and place all the information collected at your fingertips. Using our custom AI bot, you can derive enormous amount of data that can be converted into comprehensible and configurable charts and tables which you can customize how you like them to be. You can even put all the data you need in a single report and download it into PDF format. On top of that, you can also integrate our analytics into your in-house system. The best thing is, you can invite an unlimited number of colleagues to collaborate on your account.

Innovative methods
We may have both objective and qualitative analytical methods, such as statistical instruments/applications and the survey of life quality in the field of medical study. It accumulates and organizes valuable data from a seemingly unusable information and analyzes it to produce numerical data and patterns that have a potential leading to a profitable improvement. It can form as a part of strategic growth, such as allowing you to realize and forecast consumer trends and movements, boost competitiveness, and draw up decisions derived from obtaining solid evidence.

Data cleaning
Our data specialists will organize, configure and partition the data properly for analytical queries, once it's gathered and stored. Scrutinized data organization, preparation and processing makes for greater performance from analytical queries.

We improve data quality by thorough cleaning method. Our scripting tools or data quality software scrub the data to look for any errors or inconsistencies, such as duplications or formatting mistakes, organize and rigorously tidy up the data.

Our custom analytics software analyze all these collected, processed and cleaned data. It includes tools for:

Machine learning

Machine learning is a specific subset of AI that practically trains a machine how to learn. We conduct it to teach the machine how to quickly and automatically produce models to analyze bigger and more complex data. In turn, it delivers faster, more accurate results no matter how big the data is. Building precise models means we have a higher chance of identifying profitable opportunities and at the same time, avoiding hidden risks.

Predictive analytics

In predictive analytics, we use historical data, statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques to acknowledge and predict future outcomes. We do it by providing the best future scenario, so companies are more confident in making the best possible business decision. Examples of normal applications of predictive analytics are found in detection, risk analysis, operations and blue ocean marketing.

Text mining

When we use text mining technique, we can analyze text data obtained from the internet, including in the comment fields, books and other text-based sources to uncover insights that you might not noticed or heard before. Text mining also uses machine learning and pure language processing technique to run through documents such as emails, articles, blogs, Twitter feeds, online surveys, aggressive intelligence and many more. It will assist you analyze a large amount of information and find fresh ideas and bond relationships.

Contact us and discuss about how the bot could help your visualize your business now, starts from $1,000/month.