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Facebook is a big database of the content generated by billions of users. If you understand what you're doing, Facebook data may be used to understand your target market more for commercial as well as political gains.
One of the reasons B2B entrepreneurs overlook Facebook is because they prefer the traditional business platform such as Google and LinkedIn to source for B2B lead generation. But Facebook managed to place itself as the world's biggest social media platform, and business decision-makers occupy 74% more time on Facebook daily compared to other users on the platform.
A report by the Social Media Marketing Industry suggests that 91% of B2B marketers utilize Facebook and 67% of them also consider Facebook as the top social media platform to generate business leads.

That's why Facebook offers a real opportunity and every smart B2B brand uses Facebook to increase brand awareness and generate leads. So yes, Facebook is a great tool to effectively generate B2B leads. However, you need to think deeper and strategize plans to see great results.
Facebook page is a great tool that more than 200 million small enterprises use to promote their products and services. You can find lots of information on Facebook Pages including posts, articles, likes, comments, and useful company information. Here are some suggestions on how you can utilize that data:

  • Use the appropriate keywords to find potential B2B company pages, and contact them either directly by DM, or indirectly by interacting on the company pages via comments and likes to get their attention.
  • Analyze your competitors’ activities and performances and discover how they do things successfully, or mistakes, and how they should improve.
  • Do market research or analysis based on the generous amount of data.
  • Know the trends and sensibility for brands and firms and manipulate the data to strategize your investment.
  • Establish fresh niches or create brand new products by generating a dataset according to your main industry, area, or even city, distinguishing synergies, or adding valuable methods and techniques.
  • Track changes in the school of thought to discover new opportunities. You can tell about the market or industry performance by the number of engagements from clients or fans.

However, the problem is getting your hands on the required data. Facebook provides an API to collect user-profiles and user-generated content on their platform, but the truth is: it is very limited and restrictive in nature that you cannot use the collected data for the purpose that you want to do with the data. That doesn't include the millions of pages, comments, profiles, or posts over the years, just in case you need it. The only option you have is to scrape the required data using a Facebook data mining tool known as Facebook scrapers. But that's where the hassle comes.
Facebook is not your usual website on a tight budget. Facebook as a company has a huge budget and thousands of employees and a good number of them are dedicated to preventing spam on their platforms. The truth is that mining Facebook is not an easy task, and many web scrapers give up on the idea of mining Facebook after trying so many failed attempts.
This is due to the fact that Facebook has a very powerful anti-bot system, which goes far beyond simple IP surveillance. Facebook has suffered a lot of backlashes from users whenever it collects huge data from the users' platform.
Due to losses and setbacks, Facebook has tightened its antibot system to block scrapers and crawlers from entering its site, and as such, large-scale Facebook mining is a tough task and it's very expensive.

WHY SocialMediaMining-SMM?

We are one of the leading services in the world that could offer Facebook data at scale and price you can not find anywhere because we don't use the conventional way of data mining nor Facebook API to get data. As you can see on this site, we offer unmatched and unique data types, which means we have to use extremely unique methods.

With our Facebook business pages data, you could have public data as it is on Facebook:

  • Facebook business pages
  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook comments
  • Facebook profiles

The minimum package is $99 per 10,000 lines of data (10,000 pages or 10,000 posts....)

You can also request up to dozens of millions of lines with a customized bot specially coded for you only to store and analyze the data that you bought from us.

Having millions of lines of data, it has to go beyond the conventional monitoring or just a basic analysis to develop an in-depth and correct idea of the social consumer. The bot is an effective social media analytic tool. It can cut through the online noise in pursuing a precise actionable market, aggressive and consumer comprehension, together with persistent monitoring in tracking conversational fluctuations from time to time.

Of course, it’s TOTALLY FREE, find it here.