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Accounts created by the bot won't last or remain active for a long time. We don't provide you with such an accounts but AGED and ACTIVE accounts instead. We hard-press these accounts for a minimum of 5 YEARS before eventually presenting them to you.

SocialMediaMining-SMM treats these accounts as we would for any other mainstream account and processing all the necessary actions.

The result? Reputable, robust, active accounts that are ready to thrive

In addition, we can also custom these accounts to indicate the country IP so that you can promote your business based on the country.

Changing first name to your brand so receivers will see it no matter if they open your mail

All our emails are created with random name 5+ years ago. But when you acquire them, we will change to the name (or any text) to your need and help you bring your BRAND to more clients right in the first second they receive your email. This also helps you appear with the name that is familiar with the local you are doing promotion. Just image yourself when you receive a cold mail from a random Joe and mail from a BRANDNAME, what would you remember?

This is also the name shown up when you use gmail to login to other social platforms, they tend to intergate with your gmail profile’s information and use your current gmail’s name as that platform’s name.

Adding Trust And Authority To Your Gmails By Warming Them Up

No matter what the purpose of your email’s usage, the main purpose of an email is to communicate. Email providers offer you email address for that purpose and they watch carefully what you do with your email. Positive interaction signals from others may trigger security check and cause a permanent ban to your email account. That’s why any email account needs to get “warmed up” along its life to assure increased deliverability and establish trust as a valid email account, not a spam account. Reputation needs to be built over time, and it is done by pacing the email sending rate, making sure emails are read and replied to, and that’s what an email warm-up solution does. The more positive email engagements your email gets, the more trust your email gains from email providers. However, attempting to do so on your own without a proficient service provider can get challenging and messy.

All your emails will send messages, all those message will be opened, replied, clicked links, marked as important and removed from spam and categories (if any). All these actions help raise your email reputation and your deliverability. It teaches the email providers to see that your email account is trustworthy.

FREE Social Media Account Manager

Set it and forget it with our dedicated FREE social media account manager tool. This unique offering makes managing your various social media accounts a breeze. It helps you

  • manage thousands of your accounts on all platforms
  • enjoy automatic logins with unique IP for each account
  • manage multiple social media accounts from a single device
  • let all your team members work on the same profile on multiple devices
  • enjoy marketing on-the-go
  • manage global teams easily without releasing of account credentials

Priced for Excellence!

Established Aged Gmail Account

  • Random names or your custom names + custom avatar (your brand, name, CTA…)
  • 5+ years old, logged in multi IP addresses or logged in your dedicated country IP addresses (100+ countries to select from) or your own private proxies
  • Warmed up with multi interactions.
  • Account Manager Tool included to arrange all accounts + dedicated proxy on 1 board and log in automatically on any PC with 1 click. Social platforms trigger anti-spam algorithms automatically when you log in with your user password in any new environment. Buying accounts usually causes a spike in this form of activity because you will need to log in to all these new accounts on your personal or business devices. You will also need to log in manually, which means remembering multiple credentials too. You don’t need to log in as all your gmails are logged in separate profiles, you will get data with format: gmail|password|recovery email for other purpose.
  • Price: $199/pack of 100 accounts. Only $1.99 per 5 years old strong gmail. Trial pack of 10 accounts - only $49
  • Time of delivery: 3 business days
  • Our gmails are used for social media marketing purpose only (emailing, Pinterest...), if you intend to use them for actions such as logging in apps or any action that needs to be confirmed by phone verification, they are not what you need.
  • If you are not sure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask before making payment. All sales are final.

If you were to put a value on these exceptional offerings, chances are you would find it challenging to come up with a number. We did too! We would be pleased to offer:

  • 10% discount for 10 packages each time
  • 20% discount for 20 packages each time
  • 30% discount for 30+ packages each time